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Converge BCS applies a unique approach to our customers with exceptional services and 24X7X365 support.  No matter your situation, Contact Us – Converge BCS will help ensure your business gets the most out of your communications investment.Converge BCS focus on improving communications, whether residential, small businesses, or large enterprises.  Our leadership and technical experience makes us a trusted partner for your company’s communications needs, whether it is for the Phone System, Voice and Data Network Cabling, Video Surveillance/ CCTV.  This allows you to be more operationally efficient.  

Thanks for using the Contact Us page. Our solutions and services helps your company to seamlessly evolve to meet current and future demands.Often overlooked and badly targetted the contact us page is second most important page in a company or organisation’s website. Many companies make the misinformed assumption that visitors to their website will only use email to contact them and only list email contact details on the contact us page. Some company websites do not list physical addresses at all and this is a huge mistake because it is difficult to trust a company that only lists a postal address.There are many good reasons to have this page and I will list them here.People contact you by multiple means – some will use telephone or mail and others are quite happy to use email. Restricting the means of contact to email only does not build legitimacy to your business.All reputable sites should publish their address and telephone numbers on this page.

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