Music on Hold

Music on Hold


Music on Hold / Messages on Hold

Music on Hold plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional image and edge.  It allows you to replace dead air – HOLD TIME – with music or important business information with the Music/ Messaging on Hold feature.   Upload you audio files and change at any time.

Music on Hold / Messages on Hold Facts

  • On average, 7 out of 10 callers experience “hold time”.
  • 88% of callers prefer information while waiting on hold
  • 16-20% of callers have made a purchase based on information they heard on hold.
  • Callers left in silence may think they have been disconnected.
  • Having a message “on-hold” system reduces call abandonment by almost 90% and increases their hold time by over 500% 

Need Professional Voice Recording Services?

Converge BCS can provide a great way to quickly and easily create an effective audio brand for your company.  Message on-hold recordings ensures your business is presented in a consistent, professional voice for your clients and customers.

An innovative Music/Message on Hold solution for small offices, home offices, and larger sized enterprises will present a professional image regardless of your business size.  

Cross promote ALL the products and services you have to offer.

  • Enhance your company’s image.
  • Promote your website and any special features.
  • Motivate your customers to act.
  • Promote new product lines.
  • Talk about your specialties and strengths.
  • Relate your mission statement and level of experience of your employees.
  • Thank your callers for holding and assure them that someone will be with them soon.
  • 94% of all advertising budgets are allocated toward making the phone ring, but only 6% is spent handling the client once the call comes in.

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